Jensen Ackles On The Catharsis Of The Winchesters Following Supernatural’s Ending – Exclusive Interview

Looper exclusively spoke to Jensen Ackles during the "Winchesters" New York Comic Con press line. Ackles discussed the catharsis of rejoining this world after the ending of "Supernatural," admitted that he'll never say goodbye to Dean Winchester, and detailed the production advice Jared Padalecki gave him. Ackles also teased some tentative plans to direct "The Winchesters" at some point. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Wolfboy And The Everything Factory And His Many Roles – Exclusive Interview

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Gordon-Levitt dished on the prophecy angle in "Wolfboy and the Everything Factory" in relation to stories like "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings." He also revealed what role Zooey Deschanel should play in the kids' series and how he shares it with his kids. Gordon-Levitt even discussed his "gentleman's agreement" with Rian Johnson, what it was like working with Mindy Kaling on "The Mindy Project," and how director Robert Zemeckis helped him find his Jiminy Cricket voice.

Dianne Wiest Talks Tackling The Prison System In Mayor Of Kingstown – Exclusive Interview

During an exclusive interview for the DVD and Blu-ray release of "Mayor of Kingstown," Wiest revealed what it was like working with Jeremy Renner and carrying out that iconic Hollywood slap between Miriam and Renner's character, Mike. She also discussed her character's prison volunteer work and what we could be doing better in our own prison systems. Wiest then went down memory lane to chat about projects like "Edward Scissorhands," "Footloose," and "The Lost Boys" — including casts, creatives, and the impact they've had on pop culture. 

Julie Plec Teases The Possibility Of This Coveted Vampire Academy Spinoff

The List was invited to a New York Comic Con roundtable where Plec teased the possibility of "Vampire Academy" spinoff material and how many seasons she'd like to see the show score. Additionally, The List asked her how she would like to handle a fan-favorite character, how much of the series we'll see in Season 1, and we even discovered why she's never watched the 2014 movie.

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