Destin Daniel Cretton And Daniel Wu Discuss The Representation And Mythology Of American Born Chinese – Exclusive Interview

Disney invited Looper to New York Comic Con last year, where we got the opportunity to exclusively sit down with Wu and Cretton to discuss the impact of the show's representation and mythology and what it was like for Cretton to dive into this series after "Shang-Chi" and reconnect with a few actors from the MCU project. He also named the "Shang-Chi" star who isn't in "American Born Chinese" whom he'd love to see on the show. 

Superman & Lois Stars Tease Mike Cudlitz’s Debut As Lex Luthor

The CW invited Looper to a roundtable interview with Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch, where Tulloch discussed Cudlitz's stint as Lex Luthor. Hoechlin also noted that he wants more of his "Teen Wolf" co-stars to come guest star on the show and discussed how Superman handles some challenging family issues this season.

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