Superman & Lois Producer Todd Helbing On The Game-Changing Season 2 Finale And Future Teases – Exclusive Interview

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Helbing explained what direction the show is headed in and whether or not we might get crossovers in the future. He also dished on some of the "Flash" actors he wants on the series, the process of getting clearance for classic DC characters, and which "Smallville" actors might make a great addition to the "Superman & Lois" cast.  

Chace Crawford And Claudia Doumit On The Boys Season 3, Eric Kripke, And The Weirdest Moments – Exclusive Interview

Crawford and Doumit spoke to Looper during an exclusive interview where the duo dished on their respective upcoming story arcs in "The Boys" Season 3. Crawford revealed why his parents aren't allowed to watch this season, detailed his steamy scenes with sea creatures, and why The Deep is vulnerable to getting sucked into a cult. Meanwhile, Doumit gushed about working with Eric Kripke again and dished on which former "Timeless" co-star she would love to share scenes with in "The Boys."

Rish Shah, Yasmeen Fletcher, And Matt Lintz Talk Ms. Marvel And Share Stories From Set – Exclusive Interview

Looper spoke to Fletcher, Shah, and Lintz about all things "Ms. Marvel" during an exclusive interview. Fletcher revealed the importance of her feminist arc while Lintz went down memory lane about working with "Zemo" actor Daniel Brühl, and Shah teased Kamran's possible romantic arc with Kamala. The trio also gushed about working with Iman Vellani and shared some entertaining stories from the set.

Ms. Marvel’s Travina Springer Discusses Muslim Representation, The Comics, And More – Exclusive Interview

Springer spoke to Looper during an exclusive interview where the actress discussed the Muslim storylines in "Ms. Marvel," why representation is so critical for young viewers, and what it's been like to tell her own story. She also revealed what it was like working with Iman Vellani, how the comics inspired her role, and what MCU team-up she'd like to see for her character in the future.


Collins’ charm and wit shine through the series almost as much as his genuine compassion, eagerness to listen to people’s stories, and drive to shed light on injustices within these communities. The actor, perhaps most renown for Supernatural, turned what could have been a simple food tasting show into a thoughtful and well-rounded program that’s more about people and community than the food they celebrate.

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